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Electric Love Festival 2015
Electric Love Festival 2015 (dj-set)
Salzburgring - Salzburg [AUT]
We Are Hardstyle Festival
We Are Hardstyle Festival (dj-set)
Geffenseplas - Oss [NL]

10.04.2012 Endymion joins Platinum Agency

Endymion will be represented by Platinum Agency from the 10th of April 2012. It is a step we take in order to create more room for what we truly love to do; making music and shows. And not only will we have more time on our hands, we will also be able to show more people what we can do. The international network Platinum Agency currently has and which will grow in the future is a very important chance for us to reach new people in new territories.

At this point we want to thank everyone that has supported us over the past years professionally and at the same time welcome them into the new and extended Endymion network. Together we want to build new things that will be bigger and better than ever before; the sky has become the limit.

Platinum Agency
Noordeinde 124G
1121 AL Landsmeer
The Netherlands

tel: +31(0)20 4877317
fax: +31(0)87 7848543


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